Specialty Lubricants


Spindle Oil

Spindle Bearing Oil Phillips 66® Spindle Oil is a high-quality spindle bearing oil developed for the lubrication of high-speed spindle bearings […]


Powerflow™ NZ Hydraulic Oil

Non-Toxic, Zinc-Free Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil; Inherently Biodegradable Phillips 66® Powerflow NZ Hydraulic Oil is a high-quality, zinc-free antiwear hydraulic oil specifically […]


Powerflow™ NZ HE Hydraulic Oil

High-Efficiency, High VI, Zinc-Free Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil for Off-Road Equipment; Separates from Water; Inherently Biodegradable Phillips 66® Powerflow™ NZ HE […]


Supergard Marine Plus Two-Cycle Engine Oil

CITGO SUPERGARD Marine Plus 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a licensed NMMA® TC-W3® oil that effectively combats wear, scuffing, deposit build-up, […]



High-Quality Wireline Lubricant & Sealant Phillips 66® Wireline is a high-quality, tacky, viscous, high viscosity index lubricant specifically developed for […]


Transformer Oil

Inhibited Electrical Insulating Oil Phillips 66® Transformer Oil is a highly refined electrical insulating oil developed for use in oil-immersed […]


Ultra-Clean Spindle Oil

Premium Spindle Bearing Oil Phillips 66® Ultra-Clean Spindle Oil is a premium quality spindle bearing oil developed primarily for use […]


Rock Drill Oil

Adhesive, Extreme-Pressure Air Tool Lubricant Phillips 66® Rock Drill Oil is an adhesive, extreme-pressure (EP) lubricant specially developed for the […]


Refrigerant Compressor Oil

Napthenic Refrigeration Compressor Oil & Light-Duty Machine Oil Phillips 66® Refrigerant Compressor Oil is a highly refined naphthenic mineral oil […]


Industrial Oil

Highly Refined Paraffinic Mineral Oil Phillips 66® Industrial Oil is a highly refined, non-compounded (no additives) paraffinic mineral oil recommended […]


Heat Transfer Oils

Straight or Inhibited Mineral Oils Phillips 66® Heat Transfer Oils are high-quality straight or inhibited mineral oils developed for use […]


Food Machinery Oil

Premium Quality, Ashless, Food-Grade Lubricant Phillips 66® Food Machinery Oil is a premium quality, ashless, food-grade lubricant specially developed for […]