# LBPH817683

High-Quality Wireline Lubricant & Sealant

Phillips 66® Wireline is a high-quality, tacky, viscous, high viscosity index lubricant specifically developed for lubrication and sealing of braided wirelines and cables used in oil and gas wells for cased-hole logging, pipe recovery service, tubing conveyed perforating,
production logging and reservoir analysis.

Features & Benefits

• Clear color

• Easy to apply in warm and cold weather

• Tacky; stays put and does not drip

• Excellent corrosion protection

• Excellent low-temperature fluidity

• High viscosity index

• Easily pumpable in wireline injection units

• Inherently biodegradable


• Braided wirelines and cables used in oil & gas wells

• Cased-hole logging operations

• Pipe recovery service

• Tubing-conveyed perforating

• Production logging

• Reservoir analysis

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