Oil Filtration & Fluid Management Services

We offer the filtration & fluid management services you need to fight harmful contamination to your equipment and ultimately save you money.

Using our state-of-the art Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) we can achieve or exceed your equipments ISO cleanliness levels in a matter of hours. We are able to provide our fluid management services while your plant/equipment is running, during scheduled shut downs, weekends, and most important of all in emergency situations.

What can be filtered?

Hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, gear oil, compressor oil, paper machine oil, heat transfer fluids, EHC fluids, and diesel fuels.

Filtration features:

  • Water removal
  • particle removal
  • entrained air and gas removal
  • acid removal
  • varnish removal

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Increase equipment life, increase useful life of oil, increase uptime, decrease down time due to premature equipment failure, improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance & service time, reduce disposal cost, improve product quality, save on cost of replacing oil, and improve safety.

Why is Filtration needed?

Water is one of the most common contaminates in a lubrication system. The presence of water promotes foaming, sludging, corrosion, accelerated oxidation, and additive depletion. These effects reduce the oil’s overall effectiveness and life, and lead to pre-mature equipment failure. Through proper oil dehydration, our customers can protect their equipment from these harmful effects by removing free, emulsified and dissolved water as well as entrained air and gases from the oil.

In addition, the journey from the refinery to your facility presents many opportunities for contamination of new lubricants. As oil is transferred, it can pick up contaminants too small to see with the naked eye. Without the proper handling and filtering procedures, every transfer of oil typically doubles the amount of contaminants in the oil. Further, it is estimated that nearly 82% of wear is particle induced. In fact, new oil rarely meets the cleanliness specifications of original equipment manufacturers. Controlling these contaminants initially will save 90% of the cost to remove it later. Our filtration program can offer lubricants that are certified to have these contaminants removed prior to deliver. If your lubricants or other fluids are contaminated at the job site, no problem, we can filter it saving you the cost of replacement.

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