Houston, Texas—Phillips 66 Lubricants will launch its newest aviation engine oil—Victory AW 20W-50—at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisc., building on its legacy of being an essential part of the aeronautics industry since the days of early pioneers like Wiley Post.

“Our product development is the direct result of pilot requests for a multi-grade engine oil that requires no expensive top-treating to simplify the process when cam lifter wear is a concern,” said Tony Negri, Phillips 66 Commercial Product Manager. “Pilots have spoken, and we listened. At Phillips 66, we are proud of the role we’ve played in supporting aviation development over many decades, and now moving on into the future.”

Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 offers the benefits of X/C® 20W-50, with the added benefit of being pre-blended with Lycoming anti-wear additive (LW-16702). That means no need to purchase, handle and dose the additive separately, saving pilots time, money and frustration. The newest addition to the aviation line is an ashless dispersant, multiviscosity engine oil that provides faster oil circulation at low temperatures, reduced warm-up times, and cooler operating temperatures compared to single-grade oils. Consumption of oil is also reduced in most engines.

Learn more about Phillips 66 Victory AW 20W-50 at AirVenture in the Phillips 66 Tent #430. The product will be available to order in August 2019.Brand Promos

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