Bluesky Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Blue Sky is a premier manufacturer of diesel exhaust fluid and is proud to offer this trusted emission-control solution to its North American customers. Blue Sky DEF 32.5 is a diesel exhaust fluid manufactured with 32.5% high purity synthetic urea and 67.5% deionized water designed for use in passenger vehicles, trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. It is compatible with all Tier 4 final compliant equipment using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. Blue Sky DEF 32.5 prevents SCR breakdown, reduces harmful nitrogen oxide emissions by 90% and even improves fuel efficiency by up to 8%. It is a simple-to-use, low cost, clean solution for meeting the new 2010 EPA Clean Air Act requirements.

Purity of diesel exhaust fluid is important to maintaining a functioning SCR system. Any chemical impurity in DEF can lead to failure of an SCR system. That is why it is very important to use only DEF products that meet ISO 22241-1 standards. Blue Sky DEF 32.5 is a stable, colorless, nonflammable, nontoxic fluid. Blue Sky DEF 32.5 conforms to the ISO-22241-1 specification for DEF, is API registered and meets or exceeds OEM specifications. We ensure a quality product with an extensive, redundant quality management process, controlling specifications through the entire product channel—from manufacturing through distribution to the end user.

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