Triton® OG SS

# LBPH828261

Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant

Phillips 66® Triton® OG SS is a high-performance, semi-synthetic gear lubricant specifically developed to meet the demands of heavily loaded, slow moving gears and bearings. It is recommended primarily for the lubrication and cushioning of open and semi-enclosed gear drives found in mills and kilns.

Features & Benefits

• Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces

• Extreme-pressure protection

• High film strength reduces the tendency for fluid “squeeze out” in highly loaded and slowly rotating gears and bearings

• Good resistance to water washout

• Excellent pumpability at low ambient temperatures

• Does not contain heavy metals, bitumen or solid additives

• Solvent-free formulation

• Amber-colored product

• Suitable for use in existing lubricant spray systems, allowing for easy conversion from lubricants containing bitumen


• Large roller and thrust bearings in sugar mills

• Open and semi-enclosed gear drives in rotary kilns and mills found in cement, limestone and gypsum production

• Slow-speed, heavily loaded plain and rolling contact bearings

Licenses & Approvals

Triton OG SS meets the requirements of the following industry specification:

• ANSI/AGMA Standard 9005-E02

Additional Details

AGMA Grade 14R
Specific Gravity @ 60°F 0.899
Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 7.5
Color, Visual Amber
Texture Tacky
Flash Point (COC), °C (°F) 210 (410)
Pour Point, °C (°F) -13 (9)
cSt @ 40°C 15834
cSt @ 100°C 551
Viscosity Index 185
Copper Corrosion, ASTM D130 1b
Four-Ball EP, ASTM D2596, Weld Load, kgf 400
Four-Ball Wear, ASTM D4172B, Scar Diameter, mm 0.49
Timken OK Load, ASTM D2782, lb 65

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