Concentrated Boost of Tailored High Mileage Additives



Kendall® High Mileage Booster is a unique concentrated blend of key additives, specifically tailored for higher mileage gasoline powered vehicles. GT-1 High Mileage Booster increases resistance to corrosion and helps to improve engine cleanliness.

GT-1 High Mileage Booster, when used as directed with the products outlined below, results in a blend that meets current API and ILSAC performance standards. GT-1 High Mileage Booster should only be used with the Kendall products listed below. To ensure product performance, it is essential to follow the recommended treat rates. Phillips 66 cannot guarantee GT-1 High Mileage Booster’s performance or compatibility when used with other manufacturers’ products. Please contact the Technical Hotline if your application is not covered by the listed treat rates.

GT-1 High Mileage Booster is not recommended for use with Kendall GT-1 Euro, Kendall GT-1 Euro Plus and diesel applications.

Recommended Treat Rates:

6 oz. (one bottle) for use in 4-7 quarts

9 oz. (one and a half bottle) for use in 8-12 quarts

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