Cable Lube

# 831617

Phillips 66® Cable Lube is a heavy duty lubricant developed for the lubrication and preservation of wire ropes and cables. It is formulated with a heavy residual base oil along with special rust and corrosion inhibitors and is cut back with a volatile, non-chlorinated solvent for ease of application without heating. Its low viscosity and special wetting properties permit penetration to the core of the wire rope or cable. The solvent then evaporates, leaving a tough, semi-fluid lubricant in the core and on each wire strand.

Cable Lube clings tenaciously and is not readily displaced by water, reducing internal friction and wear between the wire strands while the exterior coating protects, lubricates and cushions the cable around sheaves and drums. The residual film remains pliable even at low ambient temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Good penetrating ability
  • Preserves and conditions hemp cores
  • Reduces friction and wear between wire strands • Resists sling-off during high speed operation
  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection


  • Wire ropes and cables
  • Hoists, cranes and aerial tram-ways
  • Logging and mining equipment
  • Mill machinery
  • Open and semi-enclosed gears and pinions • Guides and sliding surfaces

Note: Whenever possible, Cable Lube should be applied when the cable is flexing, such as when it is going over a sheave. This facilitates penetration of the lubricant to the core and permits more uniform coating of the wire strands. It is desirable, but not necessary, to clean the cable before application.

CAUTION:Cable Lube should not be stored near sources of heat. The container should be tightly closed to avoid fire hazard and to reduce loss of solvent. Loss of solvent decreases the penetrating qualities of the lubricant. During application, proper precautions should be taken to ensure adequate ventilation and attention should be given to any potential fire hazards.

Licenses & Approvals


Additional Details

ISO Grade 15
Color Black
Specific Gravity, @ 60°F 0.880
Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 7.33
Flash Point (with solvent), °C (°F) 82 (180)
Pour Point (with solvent), °C (°F) -42 (-44)
Viscosity, Kinematic ASTM D445
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 1362
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt 146
Viscosity, Kinematic (with solvent) ASTM D445
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 14.3
Four-Ball Wear Scar, mm (ASTM D2266) 0.42
Four-Ball EP, Weld Load, Kgf (ASTM D2596) 200

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