Phillips 66® Lubricants Launches New Allison TES 295® 
Approved Automatic Transmission Fluid
Meets Growing Need for Trucks and Buses Operating Under Severe Service Conditions 

Phillips 66 Lubricants today introduced Phillips 66 Triton® 295 automatic transmission fluid (ATF), designed for use in on-highway Allison transmissions. This product expands the Phillips 66 ATF portfolio, and is ideal for intracity transit buses, intercity tour coaches, school buses, emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, refuse vehicles and commercial utility vehicles.

Phillips 66 Triton 295 is a full synthetic, heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid that offers excellent friction durability to ensure smooth shifting, outstanding low-temperature properties for year-round use and easy shifting in cold weather, as well as rust and corrosion protection.

The product also provides extended drains up to four times the normal interval for a conventional all-mineral automatic transmission fluid.

“Allison Transmissions are known for their quality. We’re excited to offer our customers a Phillips 66 ATF product that meets the Allison TES 295 specification and will keep their Allison Transmissions running smoothly,” said Dr. Scott McQueen, manager of research and product development for Phillips 66 Lubricants.

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