VP Ultra Power Red ELC 50/50 Antifreeze & Coolant

# VP6025010

ULTRA POWER RED ELC Antifreeze and Coolant is engineered to deliver total cooling system protection for most heavy-duty engines. Proprietary nitrited-hybrid organic acid inhibitor technology (NOAT/HOAT) meets and exceeds most universal heavy-duty coolant applications. This heavy-duty hybrid organic acid formulation delivers superior corrosion protection for system metals, including; steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and solder. Its unique combination of carboxylic acids (OAT) and nitrites provides ultimate protection of diesel engine wet sleeve cylinder liners from pitting and cavitation, minimizes maintenance costs by providing extended service intervals and eliminates the need for the use or monitoring of supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s).


  • 􏰁  Total cooling system protection for most heavy-duty applications
  • 􏰁  600,000 miles/12,000 hours (or 6 year) extended service life
  • 􏰁  Safe and compatible for top-off with all types of coolant technology
  • 􏰁  Low-silicate formula (<250 ppm) contains no phosphates or amines
  • 􏰁  Ultimate protection of wet sleeve liner cavitation/pitting in diesel engines
  • 􏰁  Outstanding corrosion protection for all cooling system metals
  • 􏰁  Optimum water pump seal life due to low levels of dissolved solids
  • 􏰁  Excellent heat transfer under severe operating conditions
  • 􏰁  Formulated with bitterant to prevent human and animal consumption


For new installations, a complete flush and fill of the cooling system is recommended to obtain maximum service interval and system protection. ULTRA POWER RED ELC 50/50 is carefully balanced (prediluted) with pure deionized water to ensure optimum freezing and boiling points and eliminates system deterioration caused by poor water quality, DO NOT ADD WATER. Follow vehicle or equipment owner’s manual for recommended maintenance guidelines, including proper coolant levels and instructions for coolant top-off. Use ULTRA POWER RED ELC 50/50 exclusively for top-off, as needed.

Product Application


ASTM D3306
ASTM D4985
ASTM D6210
TMC of ATA RP329 & 338
GM 6277M & 1825M
Ford ESE-M97B44-A
Ford WSS-M97B44-B/D
Ford WSS-M97B44-E1/E2
Ford WSS-M97B51-A1
Chrysler MS9769
MTU MTL5048 & MTL5049
GSA CID A-A-52624A
Waukesha 4-1974D
EMD M.I. 1748E
Caterpillar EC-1 & ELC
Cummins CES14603;
Service bulletin 3666132-02
Detroit Diesel 7SE298;
Powercool Plus & 6000
CEMS B1, Type IIIa
Kenworth R026-170-97
Peterbilt 8802.002
Freightliner 48-22880
John Deere H-5 , JMD-H24C1 & 8650-5
Mack Truck 014GS17004
SAE J1034, J814 & J1941

DO NOT USE where a nitrite- free or silicate-free antifreeze & coolant is required for certain cars or light-trucks.

Typical Physical Properties

Concentrate Item # VP6020010
Prediluted 50/50 Item # VP6025010
Specific Gravity, @70°F/21°C 1.13
pH Level, 50% Volume 10.0
Freezing Point, 50% Volume °C(°F) -36 (-34)
Boiling Point, 50% Volume °C(°F) 107 (226)
Color Red

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